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The one's who really care! 



CEO and Founder  

The need for a community leadership team willing to be selfless for the generations after us; was something Aspen seen very important. With The Lounge she hopes to live out her dream of being able to make others smile over and over again with just the little things in life. Her love for people and the need to see others succeed is what brought her here today.



Director of Operations 

Value is beyond what Antoinette brings to this team. With her hard work and dedication towards the greatness of this company, we are more than grateful for her! Antoinette has been involved with the community since a young age and she values culture, people, passion and love. If you ever need a good friend, person to rely on and trust, Antoinette is your girl! She is the heart of this organization.



Director of Administration 

What would we do without Kalyne! She is amazing in her line of work and a proud solider in the Army full-time. With a Bachelor's in Human Resources and Administration, she shows up for the company in a way of assertion and persistent unknown. She carries our company value with her heart.  She is always there when you need her and has helped The Lounge continue to grow in so many ways!



Director of Mentorship

Ruthie is the definition of energy! She is driven to provide the resources and coaching necessary to not only keep other mentors guided but also all the mentees in the program! She has years of experience with children and life overall. Adversity is no stranger to her and she is the champion when it comes to it.

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